Never having seen his wife before, the blind man has two comments for the first time encounter

To what extent would you trust a marriage proposal from someone you’ve never met? What if you couldn’t tell me what my kid looked like? Even if you never saw them again, you would still cherish your family very much.

This happened to Gene Purde. Due to his disease, he has lost sight in both eyes. At times, he is able to make out hazy regions.

The boy, then 16 years old, was told he had the disease. But he fell in love with Joy anyhow, and that made all the difference in the world. The couple eventually welcomed a son into the world.

Gene’s family is completely unknown to him.Rachel Ray’s wife was diagnosed with the same illness that Gene’s wife had. With the use of advanced machinery, she was able to see.

This pioneering electronic eyewear was purchased for the woman. When Joy found out there was an answer, she was shocked.

The applicant’s motivation for applying to the program was to provide similar opportunities for her family. After hearing such positive reviews, the whole family decided to go to Denver to film one episode.

Before the audience, Gene trembled. However, he was skeptical that his dream would come true.

When his audience gave him a pair of glasses, they assumed they weren’t working. However, Gene made the remark, «She’s gorgeous.»

A wave of emotion swept through the group. Using his deeply held convictions, Gene saw parallels in everything.

Afterward, Gene was presented with a pair of spectacles valued at $15,000. Now that he has more time on his hands, he can enjoy seeing his child grow and his wife shine.

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