Look at her kids—a 27-year-old female is easily mistaken for an elderly lady

People often mistake this peculiar teen for an elderly woman. Although it may not seem like it, she is really a very little girl.

Kate had an unusual birth defect that gave her an adult appearance even as a youngster.

After appearing on many talk programs, Kate became a household name and could be easily recognized on the street.

This girl’s tale touched many people, and they all wanted to do what they could to aid her. Then hundreds of people started giving Kate money, which she used to have cosmetic surgery.

It was because of this that she started to change drastically in appearance. Furthermore, she found her soul mate.

Of course, it should be noted that the guy was smitten not by Kate’s looks but by her voice.

Sometime later, he tried calling again and reached Kate instead. He was instantly enamored by her and fell hopelessly in love with her.

Very quickly, they tied the knot, and their first child was born, who thankfully did not take after our heroine physically.

Unfortunately, the second kid was not as fortunate, and by age 7, he already had deep lines and wrinkles covering his face.

Kate is now 30 years old, and while she seems to be much older, she continues to garner the admiration of her contemporaries.

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