Large turtle and little calf bond instantly

After the closure of a Bangkok zoo, the scutellated turtle Leonardo was able to move into a nice, new residence. The Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand welcomed Leonardo in 2013. (WFFT).

Every single animal that enters our institution will be treated like royalty. The mansion that Leonardo owned was breathtaking.

A baby calf strolled into the scene as the turtle was adjusting. The mother and her baby calf were out foraging in February of 2016. Curious, the infant wandered into the vineyard.

When assistance arrived, his paw was hopelessly knotted and damaged. As a result, physicians were forced to amputate the lower leg.

WFFT’s compassionate volunteers took care of the patient and built him a prosthesis that allowed him to once again walk and leap.

The nickname «calf» stuck for Simon. The shelter would find him a furry friend. Simon was set on pursuing a committed partnership.

While he heals from his experience, WFFT staff have decided to temporarily house him in a huge open-air cage inside the WFFT facility, as stated on their official Facebook page.

The other two rescued cows were grazing in a clearing, so we planned to relocate him there later.

The calf that Leonardo encountered is very inquisitive and likes to explore its surroundings via its taste buds and its newfound knowledge.

Simon and Leonardo, according to WFFT, have developed an unexpected friendship.

Staff at the shelter said they often get together for group meals and other activities. «May God bless and prosper this marriage!»

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