It’s a touching story that the mother duck always takes her young ducks to the same nursery

There is a certain ritual that occurs whenever ducks show up at this house.

The adorable little creatures that pay a yearly visit to the northern New York nursing home. The ducklings’ mom will bring them here to see their friends from childhood.

The ducklings were clearly happy to be met, even though they didn’t seem to understand what was happening.

If the duck mother and her ducklings become lost, they will find some vintage signs set up just for them.

They’re not the only ones flocking the structure, however; the ducks are, too. All of the residents take part in the ducks’ journey.

Having reached the end of the tunnel, they walked out the door and forward into the light.

Everyone happily participated in this parade to make sure no duckling was left behind.

As we learn more about them, it becomes clear that many species of animals possess complex minds, identities, and feelings that may drive us nuts.

Mother-ear is certain that she will be safe there, so she continues returning.

A running joke about this entertaining story compares it to the premiere of a new season of «duck adventures» each January.

There’s no way the locals won’t be charmed by her and her ducklings, so here’s hoping they get some visitors.

Everyone at the elderly home must look forward to this annual event, and it’s obvious that Mom-utter has made herself at home there.

Do you look forward to seeing this quacking family of ducks every year? And who wouldn’t adore them?

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