It’s a thrill for tigers that have spent their whole lives in captivity to finally be allowed to swim

When a pair of rescued tigers were freed from the zoo for the first time, this beautiful scenario unfolded.

Cati and Lilo were rescued from a zoo in New York State.

They were eleven years old when they were moved to a sanctuary in Nevada, where they were placed in an environment that was as similar to nature as possible.

For the first time in a long time, they were able to experience life as tigers and everything that nature has to offer.

A volunteer, Kelley, went to visit the tigers in their new home and saw their first-ever attempts at swimming.

According to most people, cats loathe water, which is generally true. There are no animals that like water play except for the tigers,» remarked the worker.

Despite the fact that wild cats haven’t washed themselves in a long time, they still love it and have the ability to do it naturally.

That there are organizations devoted to helping wild animals and rescuing them from poor living conditions is excellent.

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