In the end, this dragon is a bird

Fantastical creatures in a vast array of sparkling colours look so delighted in many of our favorite dream films that it’s tough not to wish they were real.

I know it seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the gorgeous eared nightjars are in fact genuine.

The eared nightjars of Southeast Asia’s tropical forests are evening birds, therefore they scurry through the woods in the darkness.

In addition to their unique appearance, they are notable for the fact that they live on the ground with the woods and their young are completely covered in leaves.

Because to unexplained causes, these birds have no resemblance to birds at all.

They’re adorable and amazing in whatever way you look at them, and they most definitely contribute to the rejuvenation of our favorite fantasy landscapes.

As a result, if somebody claims to have seen a flying snake in the sky, we shouldn’t be so quick to restrict them. Perhaps it was one of these people who was spreading a little of magic.

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