In order to have a place to call their own, two sisters purchased cottages next to each other that looks almost identical from the street

Both Alexis’ and Ashley’s little homes seem almost similar from the outside and they are situated next to one another.

Inside, however, their homes reflect who they are as individuals since they are designed to accommodate their habits and hobbies.

Alexis and Ashley are long-time friends who have grown up together through a variety of life experiences, including a move from Alexis’ childhood home to Ashley’s college apartment, which Alex characterized as «exhausting.

Given that they aren’t very close and have divergent interests, it’s not surprising that the two women don’t get along.

The sisters were living together in a Florida apartment in 2018 when Ashley made the decision to uproot and join her pals in California.

Alexis knew she was still learning about small-space living when she realized she couldn’t afford the $1,390 rent on her own.

Alexis, the eldest sister, used the money from their mother’s life insurance policy to buy a little house.

The sisters each bought one of two similar cottages, but decorated them in a way that reflected their own unique character.

The pair had no idea they would soon be sharing a wall. Considering that they did not share a childhood, it is not surprising that they clash.

The sisters’ shared passion for small dwellings helped them accept and even celebrate their unique personalities.

They’re close now, always there to provide a hand while yet going about their own lives.

They pay $475 a month to live in the tiny home community of Circle Pond in Central Florida. Utilities like water and electricity are included in the rent.

The two of us really love our houses,» Ashley remarked. «Why? Because it’s personalized for everyone of us, of course! The results are perfect for our purposes.»

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