If we can locate Miss World from 1965, who would be 74 now, we may be able to reverse time

Apasa Hongakula, 74, is one of Thailand’s most important individuals.

The young lady competed at the collegiate level and ultimately emerged victorious, becoming the country’s first ever beauty queen.

She entered the Miss World pageant after that.

Because of this, all of the competitors were pleased to be able to show off their national pride as they prepared for the world championship.

News organizations from all around the globe covered the incident extensively. Of course Thailand’s monarchy served as a model for this work.

Despite his physical disadvantages (he was much shorter than the other competitors and his English was less confident), Apasa was able to win over the audience and the judges.

At its tallest, it measures in at 1.65 meters. Because of her affable demeanor and genuine warmth, she won the hearts of her fellow students and faculty members quickly.

After a successful bid for the throne, young Temme surmounted great odds to become a household name in her country.

Thanks to her charisma, wit, and the backing of the monarchy, she was the perfect choice for public service.

I can’t believe she’s older than twenty, since she doesn’t look it. What you make of this situation is something I’m quite interested in hearing your opinions on.

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