Husky wins over the hearts of everyone as he cradles his sleeping infant sister in his arms

Milena’s husky, July, has been a part of the family since she was a little kid. Milena feels the same way about the month of July.

She can’t help but smile and chuckle to herself whenever she sees her. Even though July is a huge fluffy dog with a lot of fuzz on his body, Milena is not the least bit frightened of him.

Our tiny Milena was really thrilled to finally meet her big sister, July. They have such a deep affection for one another that they constantly seek out opportunities to snuggle.

A parent has posted a video of them sleeping together on YouTube, so we know that this is the case. The significance of July and Milena’s friendship to Milena’s parents was overstated.

Since July seems to think of herself as Milena’s mother, this is the conclusion they draw.

The parents of Milena speculate that their husky thinks their newborn baby is a dog. They see children as kind and courteous playmates. It’s widely held that having a dog in the home is good for kids.

A female dog may give birth to a human kid and raise it as if it were her own. Milena felt so at ease with her closest friend at her side that she slept off.

They are so endearing that they have amassed a legion of fans across all of the major social media sites.

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