Following their personal experiences with burns, the people who own this dog made the decision to train him to work as a therapy animal

In spite of suffering terrible burns, Taka, who belonged to Georgia, made it through the fire alive.

In spite of the awful injuries he sustained, the veterinarians and animal hospital staff at Caremore were able to help him make a full recovery.

When Crystal Leslie and her team of veterinarians made the decision to adopt him, they not only provided him with interim treatment but also a home for the rest of his life.

However, as soon as he brought him inside the house, the two dogs began to fight with each other. However, after Leslie met a different dog trainer, her viewpoint underwent a significant transformation.

Foster and her project of training dogs was something that she anticipated being able to walk away from at any moment.

Taka was able to complete the task in a far shorter amount of time than is typical, despite the fact that he was only nine years old.

His outstanding effort was recognized and praised by all of us.

Despite the fact that I was fully aware of the difficulties and impediments that I would encounter on the way, coming to the rescue was very important to me.

Together, the two of them put up the effort to get Taka enrolled in the program that trains therapy dogs.

Because of his upbeat attitude, Leslie is certain that despite everything that has happened to him, he will make an excellent companion animal.

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