Even though it’s just a hamster, it’s had a profound effect on the life of the worried vet

Even though Massimo, a veterinarian, had chosen the profession of love and had a true affection for animals, he did not consider himself to be a happy person.

Despite working hard, Massimo has only been able to earn a pittance at each of the hospitals where he has found employment.

Throughout his life, the man struggled with anxiety. But then a lady showed up at the lame with a 25-gram dead hérisson.

Massimo has resolved that he would not stand by and let this creature perish.

The lovely hérisson was shown to be a female. The doctor named her Nina and has begun aggressively feeding her an animal infant formula to ensure she gets all the nutrition she needs.

When Massimo saw that she was cold, he took the initiative to warm her up. In spite of pessimistic forecasts, the baby has miraculously survived and is now actively developing.

We must say goodbye since hérissons are not suited to household life and fare best in their natural, wild surroundings.

The doctor then escorted the child to the lobby.

Surprisingly, Nina was the one who encouraged the doctor to enter the medical field. Now Massimo and his wife are occupied with saving pigs.

They’ve established their own hérisson refuge for the animals. Massimo is content with his professional and personal life at the moment, although he attributes his current success to his younger sister, Nina.

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