What exactly did the walrus do with the boat, which belonged to an unknown party?
Walrus Wally has spent a significant amount of time in European waters, a far cry from the Arctic where he regularly resides. Before floating farther south, he was
In children’s books, animal characters are eight times more likely to feature
Another assessment argues that novels for young readers are more often than not to include persons of color as supporting characters. As a further consideration, even at this
One of these rescuers was overtaken with emotion when one of these dogs performed the loveliest thing
A poodle named Leyla is here to brighten your day. In her younger days, she was a stray dog that spent her days wandering the city. Despite this,
An very klepto Chihuahua has been captured with a haul of stolen goods from a variety of different animals
Hundreds of other people’s toys were found in the yard of Courtney Lyle, a 34-year-old Texas woman, by accident. In front of her, Frank, her three-year-old chihuahua, was
Ronnie is just seven years old, however he has already saved almost 1,000 dogs
This youngster is a great hero who, despite his early age, has already proved that he has a tremendous heart. He had always been fond of animals, and
As the sirens in Ukraine blare, a man is seen cuddling a cat
Heartbreaking photographs and videos from Ukraine have been flooding the internet in recent days. However, there have been pictures of destruction and dislocation as well as portrayals of
You’ve probably never seen a grin just like this one before
Relocating caged animals carries enormous responsibility, but transferring two beluga whales to a new continent during a pandemic is as difficult as it seems. Despite spending their whole
Be there for this adorable rescue dog that will never see his new family again
Alex felt like he had finally found a family after more than a year with the organization. When the Staffordshire terrier mix met potential adopters on Tuesday night,
A shelter dog loves his sibling after being saved: a heartwarming tale
Volunteers from a rescue organisation in the US state of Ohio recently got a call. The caller said that there was a pack of dogs in need of
So that no one is left behind, kitty parents keep six kittens in their yard until aid comes
Earlier this month, a concerned citizen in an Australian city spotted a cat and her kittens in a truck container in a parking lot. The duration of her
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