His son’s fascination with big vehicles inspired Dad to fulfill a longstanding goal and acquire his driver’s license

This zeal, though, seems to be genetic. Peter Cranston, Sam’s dad, has hit the big 4-0. He, too, instilled in his son a lifelong passion for automobiles.

Peter receives frequent communications from the nearby transport company informing him of any more items, thus Sam may observe large trucks going by.

Sam’s doting dad bought him a toy truck he could «drive» when he was only a year old. For a while, Peter had to use a remote control since the baby was too little to operate the accelerator.

When Peter’s son’s legs finally reached the right length, he was able to ride a bike without any help.

Sam and I like going to truck shows together; he is particularly fond of navigating his toy truck around the course. In addition to the vehicles, he is the subject of several photographs.

His interests mirror those I had at his age quite well. Incredulous by the variety of passing cars, «he starts to laugh and point,» the author writes.

With Peter’s newfound expertise, Sam can indulge his passion for cars even more.

Peter postponed taking his truck driving exam for years, but this year, motivated by his son’s enthusiasm, he finally did so and passed.

After finally convincing myself that it was time, I am now prepared to start my first job as a truck driver. Seeing it in person is high on my list of priorities.Sam is certain that he will follow in Peter’s footsteps and become a scientist like Peter.

Sam may only be three years old, but the man was confident in his future behind the wheel of a big rig. In the event that he does not, this becomes a major issue.

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