For Your Consideration: A bird bejeweled with blue and green diamonds looks fantastic when polished in turquoise
To the naked eye, he seems to be a primarily black bird, but closer inspection reveals vivid green and colored splodges all over him. These mountains of the
There was talk of the Highland Goat. They had sneakily made their way to the top of a snowy mountain to get away from their pursuers
The Bovidae family, of which mountain goats are a subset, includes both goats and antelopes (Oreamnos amerinus). Sheep and goats have a common ancestor with these animals, despite
A dog with a hole in its head was rescued by an animal shelter, given medical attention, and adopted by a loving family
To all intents and purposes, Mochi the dog is a supernatural stuffed animal. That said, she wasn’t always this way. There were many awful things that occurred to
The pregnant rescue dog looks radiant in her professional maternity portraits
Cara Schmidt was given the temporary placement of Kiki, who needed specialized care at the shelter. Cara Schmidt was delighted to have such an active and gorgeous guest.
The little horse became close with the ranch’s dogs since she felt abandoned by her mother’s protective nature
Troll, a little horse, was abandoned by everyone save his overprotective mother. But because of the dogs at the Sanctuary, things are completely different now.To a fault, Troll’s
Aw, those kind women Amy Evans decides to build a cemetery for dogs so the animals there may live their last days in comfort
Dogs have always had the reputation of being man’s closest friend, and this sentiment persists today. You can count on their being individuals around who will help you
Feline cuteness galore Polka takes in newborn squirrels and raises them as her own
Motherhood is an unusual and fascinating phenomena, especially in the animal kingdom. It’s possible that we, as a species, may learn something useful from animals about how to
This poignant event occurred when two elephants who had been separated for 23 years were reunited after working together in a circus
The fact that animals have feelings at all blows our minds every time. It’s wonderful that they’ve kept in touch all these years and remember one other. As
A pride of lions came at the restaurant just as a group of hungry visitors were ready to sit down
Because of its abundance of unique wildlife, notably the regal lion, South Africa has gained international renown. Rarely does a huge lion show up for a buffet party
Horse ironing’s greater meaning
There were attempts to shoe the ponies with texture, plant, and leather, but these horseshoes were ineffective. No earlier than the fifth century AD did metal spouts become