A black stray mother cat and her six kittens make daily visits to the kind woman who feeds them

Kind old lady was out in the yard enjoying the day by herself when she noticed a rustle in the bushes.She came closer to investigate her curiosity.

A beautiful black cat with emerald eyes caught her eye.

She spotted her small pet again the following day, wandering about her yard, and this time she realized it was a stray.

Since then, the woman had earned the dog’s respect by consistently providing it with food and water in the backyard.

The lady knew she was pregnant when her tummy started growing.

Although she came inside regularly for sustenance, she gave birth in the backyard.

This cat with her six cute kittens surprised the mom when they showed up at her doorway.Looked like mom cat wanted her kittens to meet the kind lady who’d been looking after her all these time.

Giving them a place to reside was top of their list of demands, and she was more than happy to oblige.

She then decided to act on it. The kind lady appealed for help from the rescuers. These small creatures were cared after by volunteers.

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