Dog mom goes over to a group of guys at a party and asks for their help

Even if David Johansson’s bachelor celebration turned out a bit differently than he had expected, the actor still has a story to share.

He and his seven buddies departed Detroit for a weekend of partying at a rented cabin in the woods of Tennessee.

For the duration of the bachelor party, women were not allowed in the cottage, but that was before an unexpected guest knocked on the door. Stray mother dog was an unwelcome surprise guest.

As soon as she caught a whiff of the savory fragrance of bacon wafting from the cabin, she knew she had to find out more.

Although she is a woman, they decided to make an exception and invite her to their weekend away.

When it came time to feed their guests, the men decided to go the extra mile. The males reasoned that the pups had just been born.

But there was a surprise in store for them!When they got to one of the safest spots, they saw a puppy’s head poking out of a makeshift cave.

Furthermore, there were seven of them, and they seemed to be extremely young!

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