Rockey, a German Shepherd, is certain he is a police dog since he was reared in the United States by his American owners

During his puppyhood, he was a kind dog who was considerate of other animals. Miya’s new family has only lately welcomed her into their home.

Rockey had previously shown an interest in learning more about Miya, whom he had previously met.

The dog was already familiar with their enormous pet thanks to their mother’s meticulous preparation. Rockey jumped onto the couch as soon as he saw the puppy and began to explore it thoroughly.

He appeared overjoyed when he acquired a new friend to goof around with him.

He wanted to obtain a better understanding of his dog’s character. In this way, he kept smelling Miya. Soon after, he rushed over to beg his mother to pick him up and bring him home.

Rockey, on the other hand, was unable to stop sniffing. When he saw the white dog, he was smitten.

It took some time for Rockey to warm up to his new owner despite his wild demeanor. During their conversation, Miya sat down and had a lengthy conversation with him.

Rockey and the dog he had been monitoring developed a close relationship.

Toward the end of the game, she tried playing with Rockey by pawing at him. Miya was allowed to play with Rockey because he was persistent and friendly.

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