When you were a kid, did a Labrador retriever capture your heart?

The Labrador Retriever won out in a countrywide poll of over 10,000 dog enthusiasts, despite the fact that it was a close call.

An injury he had while training for the military has left ex-officer John Flint wheelchair-bound. He is unable to move anywhere without the assistance of his Labrador.

Everyone wins, but the Labrador is still the pack leader. Although it’s a well-known alternative, the mixed variety was the second most popular choice, according to a number of observers.

It’s certain that other dog lovers will have their own favorites, and there will be a lot of debate.

More over 500,000 Labradors live in the United Kingdom, according to official estimates.

«Whatever draws to me the most about Labradors is their cheery, lively, tail-swaying nature,» Ben Fogul recently said. When you see them, you can’t help but grin.

Even if I’m working full-time, I always get a warm welcome home, no matter how much time has passed.

‘A welcome respite from the monotony of today’s world.’

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