Cat veteran Rigby helps his owner care for foster kittens

Rigby and Holly Bruckhauser have been together for six years now.

We took this sclerotic moustache in from the shelter when it was in danger of being euthanized. The other cats in the house needed to learn to accept Cannon since he was the family cat.

After a year, the young lady started fostering kittens. Rigby’s predetermined future became clear. Bearded and working as a cat sitter, he looked like a real character.

The feline immediately went to see the newly arriving foster kids. He licked each youngster on the head and belly. He was like a mother cat in that he helped out and knew his stuff.

As a foster parent, Rigby enjoys spending time with stray cats.

Holly proposed a radical approach to the problem of orphans’ welfare. Rigby gets fed from a bottle that is resting on her nanny’s tummy while she chews on her nanny’s stomach.

Rigby doesn’t get involved when a mother cat and her kittens need foster care. The mother cat is helped by the striped babysitter as her kittens start to flee.

Holly now has nine puppies, including six from Milly and five strays. Milly is the caretaker for her litter and the strays. Rigby encourages her to put in extra time at work.

Milly relies on the cat to keep things running smoothly when she goes to the bathroom or takes a little break throughout the workday.

The kittens will sit on the striped babysitter’s lap for hours, playing with his tail and chewing on his ears. Babies often develop a strong attachment to their primary «caregiver.»

Rigby finds newborn newborns to be quite cute. He now has an emotional anchor to grasp onto.

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