Cat can’t believe there’s a new baby in the house. It was a memorable response from him

Meeting a new sibling for the first time is exciting for babies, but it’s usually nothing to make light of.

The main get-together is both fascinating and enjoyable. There are also not many options for giving the animals the recognition they deserve.

The cats are friendly, but it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll take a shine to someone outside their family.

But this cat, who came up looking absolutely taken aback when she learned her owners had forgotten to mention they were expecting, is getting an even bigger surprise.

Reina, the dark-striped cat, stares blankly towards the camera with wide eyes and an open jaw.

The picture was first shared by an anonymous couple who said, «We forgot to notify our feline we had a kid.»

You’ll be relieved to know that Reina has accepted the baby as part of the family and that she now has a rather peaceful coexistence with the rest of the household.

She is, however, engaging in a few of shady maneuvers to ensure that she is not being ignored.

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