Cat becomes passionately enamored with a peculiar new Halloween decoration

When compared to other cats, Roger is unusually sociable, and he enjoys meeting new people.

His family was taken aback by the fact that he just spent a brief time with the guy who would become his closest friend.

The mother of Roger’s children was out shopping when she ran across a bone cat Festive ornament and decided to get it.

Since she enjoys decorating for Halloween so much, she decided to do it in a manner that also paid homage to her feline pals.

She brought the cat inside and was trying to decide where to put it when she realized that it would be interesting to observe Roger’s response first.

After a brief amount of time, he began licking it. Today, Roger goes about his day with his new best buddy, a bone.

Since he spends most of his day at his mother’s workplace, the stuffed animal is seldom far from him and may act as a constant friend.

She never imagined the bone cat would become such a permanent fixture in the house, serving as more than simply a seasonal Halloween ornament.

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