As a solo traveler, where does the savvy feline most often go?

Using public transit in a dense metropolis like Tokyo might become boring after a while. Due to the abundance of transportation options and people, you may get disoriented.

Yet, one feline seemed to grasp the concept of railway travel. Several passengers noted that he often rode the subway alone.

Everyone knows cats are great, but this cat takes the cake. Frequent flyers often bring their dogs on planes so they may sit close to one other and relax.

The rapid increase in ridership on the city’s Selbu Ikeburo line makes perfect sense.

The wise cat has been seen wandering about on his own on several occasions, but his destination remains a mystery.

However, eyewitnesses say he originates from Ikebukuro and exits from the station. Social media user «Looks like this cat is on its way home» was shared by a traveler.

The odd bus rider has been seen many times with a furry friend in tow.

But he never took a person along on a trip, so that theory was never tested. He’s a pretty bright and bookish looking cat, but I seriously doubt he’s ever bothered to buy a ticket.

One other possibility is that his nice deed will get him in.

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