An overly fat owl was rescued after it was determined it could never fly again

It may be becoming harder for us to maintain our fitness levels, but that certainly can’t be said for wild animals.

It was decided to safeguard a bird that seemed overweight since its size prohibited it from flying.

An English landowner first saw the owl when he came upon it in a hole where it had taken shelter.

The man took the owl to a sanctuary because he was afraid it might be injured otherwise.

The staff at the animal hospital performed more tests, and determined that the «little one» was, in reality, far too large.

The crew explained the owl’s inability to fly as a result of injury in a Facebook post, saying, «Generally in these instances we feel that damage of some form is prohibiting the owl from flying; occasionally being wet also helps them become immobile.»

And so it was with great surprise as we saw this phenomenon.

Although owls of this species generally weigh anywhere from 1 to 3 ounces, this particular specimen weighed in at about 9 ounces.

The primary falconer at the sanctuary, Rufus Samkin, claims that the area where the bird was rescued was full with mice. The bird’s weight gain makes sense in light of this knowledge.

We believe that she performed unbelievably well and pushed too much,» Mr. Samkin said.

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