Alain Delon celebrated his 87th birthday this week. He was formerly known as «France’s Most Handsome Actor,» but he has since lost the distinction

People all across the globe paid homage to him on his 87th birthday, November 8th. Each of these actors began their careers in films such as Under the Sun (1960), Rocco and His Brothers (1960), The Leopard (1963), The Black

Tulip (1964), and Zorro (1964). (1966). (1968). (1966 ). (1975): He won two nominations for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Our Story: a Golden Globe and a César (1984).

Throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, Alen Delonne was regarded as a sex legend across the globe. He thereby became the benchmark against which other men were evaluated.

The young actor was spotted in Indochina by American «talent scouts,» who invited him to Hollywood because of his attractiveness.

When Delonne was 23 years old, he went to an audition in Paris and met several people who urged him to go to Hollywood.

In many ways, he owes his start in the acting world to the late Edwidge Fire. During his audition, she defended him by noting that Delonne was «more than his excellent looks would suggest.»

Delonne’s debut film role was in Yves Alegre’s When Women Intervene (1957), in which she played the lead. Next, he co-starred in the 1958 picture Be Pretty and Be Quiet with an unknown actor named Jean-Paul Belmondo.

No one went to see this movie about a young detective who falls for the daughter of a renowned singer, and it’s no surprise that it bombed. Delonne and Schneider were said to be getting engaged on March 20th, 1959.

In the René Clément-directed crime drama, the actor portrays a low-level gangster who forges documents, kills acquaintances, and steals lives.

The film received universally positive reviews. Delonne was instantly smitten with the young actor, praising him for bringing «the fire of a demon and the face of an angel» to the film.

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