After being adopted by a single parent, it took him 21 years to make it to the Olympics

A growing number of childless couples are opting to place their children for adoption. Adoption may be a difficult and lengthy process.

Finding an adoptive family as a single homosexual man in the 1990s was challenging. After reading a story of a father who raised his child alone, Jerry Windle began to consider adoption.

Jordan, a youngster from Cambodia whose parents had left him at an orphanage, was adopted by Jerry.

After his adoptive father brought Jordan to the United States, he rapidly began to feel better because to Jerry’s love and attention.Now, twenty-one years later, he’s representing the United States in the Olympics in Tokyo.

After losing his parents, Jordan was placed in an orphanage. A emaciated, scabies-infested 18-month-old boy was adopted by Jerry.

Jordan’s growth as an athlete occurred mostly as a result of attending summer camps. The young man’s swimming prowess catapulted him to the forefront of the athletic world.

Jordan competed for the United States at the Tokyo Olympics twenty-one years after meeting Papa Jerry. His father is unable to attend due to anti-Covid regulations, but he has indicated that he is constantly with him.

Jordan is proud of his father: «Normally, I can hear him among the crowd, which is wonderful. He will be unable to compete in the Olympics.

Jordan and his father released «An Orphan No More: The True Story of a Youngster» in 2011, an autobiographical book about an orphan youngster who discovered his destiny and happiness thanks to his adoptive father.

«He is everything to me,» Jordan adds. His compassion and encouragement kept me going. He keeps calling. I’d do anything for him, and he’d reciprocate.»

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