A lady who had been displaced by the earthquake found a nice, simple home and moved in

Think about the potential devastation of losing your huge home and all of your stuff. How do you pick up the pieces when something terrible has happened?

When Vicky’s earthquake hit New Zealand, it was a disaster. She packed up her belongings and headed to Queensland, Australia, where she settled into a modest cottage.

Vicky and her family have built a house on property that is shared with other people. The site has a yoga studio, a treatment room for massages and acupuncture, and a permaculture garden.

Vicky said that her home was a «typical» example of those seen in Christchurch. Temblors did it in. She went to Australia, where she lived with friends in Sydney until she got a job.

After six long years, her insurance company finally repaired her home, but she had long since emigrated to Australia.

Between five and seven years, Vicky researched constructors. She found Queensland’s top building firm and found some of the best construction workers there.

In under two months, she had her home finished. Her modest dwelling measures 7.2 meters in length, 8 meters in width, and has a drawbar bumpout. Beautiful gardens of bee-friendly wildflowers abound around her property.

The walls of Vicky’s modest home are painted green, and she has accents of wood and copper. Four years ago, when she first moved into her modest abode, she scoured secondhand stores for aqua blue copper lamps.

After some time in her cute little abode, Vicky stated, «It truly has exceeded expectations. Challenges exist. There has been a lot of stress and worry about finding the right location.

Vicky said that the little amount of money she saves by downsizing helps her appreciate the little things in life that make getting out of bed worthwhile.

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