A kind mom took in two daughters with unique disabilities and their transformation is remarkable

One of the most average American educators is Kristen Williams. Kristen has always had a soft spot for kids, but she never had the chance to have any of her own.

Kristen ultimately chose to adopt after considerable soul-searching. There was still so much maternal love in her heart that she want to share it with a kid in need.

In the beginning, there was Munni, Kristen’s Indian adoptive daughter.

Because of the massive scar on her forehead, they were unwilling to adopt the child. Munni avoided social interaction because he felt uncomfortable.

However, Kristen was successful in winning the girl over. And eventually, they were blessed with a little Durga.

Durga’s backstory is quite heartbreaking. A rubbish dump is where the infant was discovered. It is likely that she stayed for a long period of time. The girl’s face looked like it had been through hell.

The newborn Durga was so helpless that she almost lost her nose to mosquitoes and strays. Kristen and her two adoptive girls were an instant sensation on the internet and on television once their tale became public.

Kristen was offered the help of plastic surgeons at the local hospital once they learned about the girls’ issues.The reconstruction surgery that Munni received left her with just a barely visible scar across her forehead.

It was determined that Durga would have surgery when she was older. But for the time being, the girl has a cosmetic prosthesis that makes her look the same as her friends.

The females’ eyes brightened, and their expressions brightened to ones of genuine happiness. Surely everything for a child’s pleasure is worthwhile?

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