A image of a 4-year-old cancer survivor is encouraging

The only way to experience genuine joy is to triumph over a formidable obstacle. Struggles mold us into who we become. Lula Beth Bowden, age 4, was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, devastating her family.

After months of treatment, Lula was given the all-clear from her cancer. The last round of chemotherapy for the youngster was on August 7.

Photographer Kristin Bowden arranged for a picture session with her daughter to mark the occasion. It was sent to us, and we got it,» said the placard held up by Lula. Because of this, a conflict arose. I won.”

A Wilms tumor forms in Lula’s kidney in March of 2020. After the diagnosis, surgery was performed to remove the kidney along with the football-sized tumor.

Lula had 13 cycles of chemotherapy over the course of 22 weeks after surgery. Kristin reflected on her daughter’s resilience after a health scare.

She hasn’t made a single complaint and she finished the course so gracefully,» her mother gushed. Kristin planned a photo shoot for Lula on August 28 to commemorate the end of her cancer treatment.

Kristin’s 18.9k Instagram followers saw the touching photographs taken by Lula. Only a few days after the post went up did many people who had been following Lula’s development start offering their congratulations.

He has big intentions to «live stream his typical classroom filled with his typical peers» when he is in second grade.Lula sported a spectacular all-black, all-red, and all-white cheerleading outfit.

The Bowdens, who live in Vernal, Utah, couldn’t be happier with how Lula has progressed. She had them appreciate every second of their lives after that.

Kristin says it best: «The understanding that we shouldn’t take our lives or health for granted has provided us so much pleasure.

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