A homeless guy is much helped by receiving a free haircut

Some people send messages by the way they dress, the words they use, and the way they describe who they are. A well-executed haircut is also essential.

A great haircut can make anybody feel like a superstar, regardless of their current situation. French hairdresser David Kodat is an expert with scissors and clippers.

Professional football players and other famous people are among his clientele. He gave a once destitute guy his big break.

A hairdresser gave a homeless man a free haircut after he told his tale on the video-sharing app TikTok.

His transformation was obvious to everybody. David was up in a poor home, he claimed.We had nowhere to stay. When I think about this, it softens my heart for the poor.

This, he said, is why he assists others in need. On the first Sunday of every month, I provide a free meal for the homeless. I had the sudden idea to give my help.

The homeless man’s response warms the heart. He evolved! David combed and clipped the man’s long gray hair and beard, which reached down to his stomach.

A drastic change in appearance will have a profound effect on this guy’s outlook and mental condition, ushering in a new period in his life.

The video has been seen by 21,800 times, with 3,000 individuals giving it a thumbs up.It’s not the first time a kind French barber has offered free services to the homeless.

Let’s hope this becomes a tradition that everyone looks forward to every year!

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