A cute Golden Retriever took up four discarded rabbits and raised them as his own

In the past, humans have seen several instances of animals befriending members of different species. Bailey, the amazing golden retriever, became friends with rabbits.

Rabbits have a dog for a father figure and a caretaker. The kids were tragically orphaned when their mom passed away.

The golden retriever with a golden heart, Bailey, felt compassion for the bunnies and protected them.

Take a look at how pleased with himself Bailey’s dad is. The bunnies may hop, sprint, and do acrobatics with him as much as they want.

The outcome is that the baby bunnies are worn out by their ordeal and start to cuddle more closely with their dad.

He’s reliable as a rock and really kind to boot. Even the kids can relate to it.

The family dog is so nurturing and protective that we feel it’s fair to compare her to a mother rather than a father.

Amazingly, the rabbits have matured into adorable little creatures. They continue to be enthralled by their loyal canine protector.

Bailey’s owner Taras once claimed in an interview that he knew his cat was destined for fame. If you look at his fan base, you can see he enjoys connecting with others.

Bailey and his rabbit friends have our best wishes for a long and happy life together.

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