You have to see the adorable moment the kitty discovers he has a smaller brother

It’s nice that Woo, a cute cat, has so far had all the love and care his mother could give him.

The situation could change a bit since Mary is expecting a baby. Although Woo’s expectant mother hasn’t informed him yet, the cat’s response was priceless when he discovered the news on his own.

The human baby brother of Woo is on the way. The perceptive feline decided to investigate after detecting a problem.

Mary concurs, stating that it would be a good chance for him to get to know his younger brother. She even took a photo of the adorable moment.

In a particularly heartwarming sequence, the cat rests its little paw on Mary’s abdomen and seems to figure out all the answers right away.

The news that Woo will have a human sibling fills him with excitement.

A strong feeling of maternal obligation for his mother and siblings also grew inside of him. He really wants to meet the baby.

The relationship between Mary’s pet cat and her unborn son makes her ecstatic to witness it.Mary said, «Because I love him so much, I really do care that my son grows up with Woo at his side.»

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