Woman shed 100 kg to achieve her lifelong goal of looking like Barbie

For as long as she can remember, Kayla Lavender has had a soft spot in her heart for the Barbie doll. Though she is now an adult, she has never outgrown her love of these iconic dolls.

However, she did not look like the popular female role model.

At one point, the lady made up her mind to finally shed those excess pounds and make a permanent improvement to her appearance and her lifestyle.

Already at this early stage, Lavender has a stunningly attractive physique that befits a doll. She had hoped for and been able to bring about this kind of shift. The challenges were ultimately less than anticipated.

The fascination with Barbie dates back to Kayla’s early years. Her doll collection numbered perhaps over two hundred.

Her home now looks like a playhouse because to all the little furniture she’s collected over the years. As an incentive to get in shape, Kayla’s family has given her a number of Barbie dolls.

The baseline weight was 155 kg. It’s never too late to make a change, therefore at age 36, the girl made the decision to work on her body.

Due to concerns for her joints and heart, the youngster has opted to go on a diet before returning to competitive sports.Just by altering her diet, she shed about 15 kg.

This ultimately led to the girl’s success in her fight against her dangerous obesity. At the same time, she began an exercise and good eating routine.

All her efforts paid off when she lost 90 kg and looked practically as thin as a doll.

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