When they heard the whale’s distress cry, a group of surfers spent six hours attempting to save it

Something unusual happened as a result of the local surfers’ coordinated effort to control the waves.

The surfers, headed by Mauriccio, saw a «black bulge» in the water of the neighboring stream as soon as day broke.

They heard an actual animal scream from that direction, and the surfers were so alarmed that they had to go check it out.

Fifty meters farther downstream, they came upon a small whale that had been discarded.


The surfers were quite compassionate and let the creature to return to the sea.

However, he seemed too tired to try swimming back, and Mauriccio was right to point out that he couldn’t walk on water. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the endpoint either.

They agreed to stay with the kid until Mauriccio calmed down, thinking it would be best for him.

For me, it took around six hours to finish. Residents who were curious about what was going on showed up often during this time.

Wise surfers waited for the tide to rise so they could release the remarkable creature back into deeper waters. After waiting for six hours, he went inside again.

The lads’ valiant efforts ensured that everything went well.

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