When one family decided to follow their cat about to see where he travels, they were taken aback by what they discovered

The family discovered that their cat had been missing for a significant amount of time after going missing on the street.

He doesn’t eat much when he gets back.

This feline seemed content, as seen by its shiny coat. Last but not least, the family decided to equip the cat with a GPS so that they could monitor its location during the extensive trips.

A few days later, it was found out that the cat had been passing itself off as a pet at five other homes in the area. Ida claims that the owner’s cat, Golden, hated going on walks in the street.

After that, though, things started to alter. Cat began to often depart for days at a time after requesting walks. Ida installed a GPS tracker in the cat’s collar.

The sensor tracked his whereabouts for two days straight, sending updates to the owner’s mobile device.

But then things started to change. Just before she left, Cat developed a habit of demanding daily (and sometimes even hourly) walks. Ida installed a global positioning system in the cat’s collar.

The sensor tracked his movements for 48 hours and sent the data to the owner’s phone.

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