When it comes to training to become a police canine, this pup is the most committed and enthusiastic newcomer yet

Our forefathers would have many questions if we could take them back in time and show them what we’ve done with the long-standing human-canine bond.

On the other side, they would definitely appreciate the fact that we welcomed them into our house and treated them like other members of our family.

What do you think their reaction would be if they found out? For their steadfastness, they are the best kind of friend to have while confronting difficulties.

We believe the dog in the photo is a German Shepherd, based on the breed’s common name. Consider a cute dog that’s just a few months old for an example.

Sulli is the vivacious and eager dog in his canine police class. The dog is a native of Estonia and has already been placed in the care of an Estonian family.

There is no doubt that Karina will aid the puppy in its education.Observing the photos, it’s clear that this will be no easy task.

A similar-breed puppy joined Sulli in the training program as well. In that he has no trouble gaining friends, he has an advantage.

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