When Cher, 76, posted a photo of a diamond ring on Instagram, speculation began that she was promised to her 36-year-old boyfriend

It appears Cher made good use of December 24th and that there were many nice surprises in store for her. Everyone was taken aback when a 76-year-old vocalist suddenly made an appearance with a 36-year-old producer.

On top of that, she has already declared her intention to marry her sweetheart, reasoning that he is the greatest option for her grandkids.

Currently, you may see a brand new photo of Cher on her official website. It’s meant to symbolize a diamond-studded, high-priced ring.

The young girlfriend of the musician also has possession of the valuable box.

The photo was accompanied by a short yet instructive caption. The performer said afterward, «I have no words for this one.»

No way, no how! The star promptly dismissed the acclaim and criticism.Cher said, «I uploaded it because his manicure is great.»

Fans have started sending well-wishes, but the artist hasn’t said anything yet.

We also think that even without a wedding, Cher would appreciate a fashionable present from a devoted partner.

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