When a cat is ‘adopted’ by a rescue rabbit, they become their best buddy

Hisoka and Nila became fast friends. When they’re not playing, these two animals spend a lot of their time apart.

Care is the care had her own cat siblings, but she preferred snuggling with her closest rabbit companion above her brothers.

Alina, Nila and Hisoka’s mother, told The Dodo, «We felt having siblings would be fantastic for Hisoka and they’d be together, and it would all be nice.»

Nila, on the other hand, became a close friend, and she now prefers her rabbit companions over her adoptive siblings.

When they weren’t watching television with Alina, they spent much of their time hugging.

As Alina put it, all Nila wanted to do was snuggle with her husband and me, as well as Hisoka. She responded, «We just live in Nila’s universe.»

At the beginning of July, Nila tragically died away. To preserve the memory of their particular connection, Hisoka sleeps in the bed they used to sleep in together.

According to Alina, they often snuggled and slept together.

She had a way of making him feel at ease, and he seemed to like it. Alina went on to say that they have a significant impact on our happiness and well-being.

Our hearts were overflowing with love and delight at the sight of them sharing a loving embrace.’

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