What role animals may play in the enhancement of mental health?

In times of adversity, a friendly canine, a cute little kitten, or even an adorable pony may be your best friend.
There is strong evidence that animals may have a positive impact on our mental health in a variety of ways.

Pets provide companionship, affection, and euphoric feelings.

According to Matthew, «therapy sessions work because canines particularly have been demonstrated to be non-critical in terms of mental soundness. It makes no difference to them who you look like.

They have no preconceived notions about who you are.

They excel at simply expressing their love. Anxiety levels have been shown to drop when a dog is in the room with you. So that they may effect the body and reduce the load on the circulatory system.’

‘She saved my life at a really difficult time,’ I think. She was a source of inspiration for me. In the morning, she gave me something to look forward to and be excited about.

‘Duffy was my best friend and the one person I could talk to about everything.’ When I was in a bad mood, she would come to my side and jump on my lap.

Her joyous demeanor helped me to feel contentment.

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