Twelve hours after he was last seen, a man who had been unable to swim to shore was located thanks to the dolphins who notified rescuers of his whereabouts

Almost twelve hours after leaving the shore of Ireland, this swimmer grew lost and was unable to swim back to safety. Though his fate seemed to be sealed, a group of dolphins helped him from certain death.

We know these animals are quite observant since they were the ones that caught the attention of the heroes.

These heroes were able to put their attention where it belonged, on the signs that the dolphins had been providing them with for quite some time.

Incredible as it may seem, the man had survived in the ocean for almost a whole day, and when rescuers found him, he was surrounded by a pod of dolphins.

Amazingly, he had managed to stay alive.

When the rescuers found him, he was awake but otherwise useless. A ship took him to the next port, where he was treated for his wounds at a hospital.

The worst that happened to him during his extended period of being lost was weariness and cold, but he will be OK in a few of days at most.

Regardless, it was pure chance that he was found, and a pod of dolphins with a same behavioral pattern played a crucial part in this.

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