Totally amazing change. The woman who formerly weighed 300 pounds but is now a stunning size zero has dropped 200

When Emma reached the weight of 300 kg at the age of 28, she was forced to drop out of college because she could no longer do even the most basic of chores.

Emma was so disabled that she couldn’t even take a shower without help.

At the moment, Emma’s only ally was her boyfriend, Rudy. They thought she’d never be able to live a normal life, too.

After the results came back from the test, the physicians told Emma that if she didn’t change her lifestyle, she may not survive to see 30.

She had a stomach reduction operation and nutritional counseling at the facility.

A year after the operation, Emma had lost the additional 65 pounds. However, loose skin developed into a subsequent problem. As a result, a fresh approach was needed.

The child resumed her healthy routine after the operation and proceeded to lose weight.  She dropped almost 200 pounds, went on to get her degree and start a fulfilling career.

But her spouse discarded her when he couldn’t accept the fact that Emma no longer required constant care.

He also had a very low tolerance for male competition.

All of us may learn from this young woman’s example and attempt to make our lives better. The young lady took initiative, therefore, and achieved her goal.

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