Together, three special-needs cats form a strong relationship and achieve their adoption objective

Many rescued kittens form strong bonds with one another, leading people to mistake them for brothers even if they aren’t related.

This is the story of three kittens who, although sharing the same background and the same hope for a new home, arrived at the shelter at different periods.

One of the stray kittens rescued from the streets eventually emerged from his shell, started to feed exclusively on his own, and developed a strong sense of autonomy.

As soon as she was rescued, a kitten named Aka showed up.

He has requirements that must be satisfied as well. Aka quickly mastered the art of navigating the home without crashing into anything by sharpening his other senses.

Foster volunteer Milan at the animal shelter said, «It effectively watches everything with its whiskers by only listening and sensing movements.»

You may not immediately recognize his illness if you didn’t already know about it.

He can jump and rush with the accuracy of a young cat, and his speed is amazing. Really adorable, wouldn’t you say?

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