Three newborn ducks were taken in by a mother cat, who nurtured them alongside her own three kittens

The strength of a mother’s love cannot be overstated. A mother’s love and devotion are limitless, whether for her human children or her pet.

What makes this cat’s backstory so intriguing is that she decided to take in and care for a duckling family in addition to her own newborn kittens.

The odd conduct of their beloved pet baffled the animal lovers.Still, they had to keep a watch on their cat to make sure she wasn’t only pretending to help.

Because the mother cat simply asked for the duckling to be treated like one of her own kittens, they knew their worries were unwarranted.

The two claim that as soon as the mother cat sat down, three ducklings raced out from behind her.

The owners took her in as a new pet, despite the fact that she is also the mother of the ducklings, and she has shown a natural affinity for nurturing by caring for both her own cats and the ducklings.

The ducklings’ mother and the cat will eventually figure out that they are not her kittens when they mature a little more.

It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t born to them; she will always be their mom.

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