This wonderful youngster takes pride in his ability to reuse and recycle: Chimney the dog is on a mission to gather trash and he’s here to help

Traveling around Arizona with Kate Pollak’s dog, Chimney, is an adventure for the two of them. Plastic is collected by the two of them as a team.

Chimney has been living with Kate’s family since 2011. After rescuing him from the shelter, Kate noticed that he had a strong interest in recycled plastic bottles.

His teeth would have grabbed them and he would have rushed over to her to show her how they were found. Chimney’s curiosity was sparked by her habit of heaping praise on him for good actions.

At the same time, the four-legged one inspired his owner to do good deeds for the environment. Through all of these amusements, they try to help the world.

Whenever Kate publishes about their adventures on social media, Chimney is a genuine celebrity.For many, he was a source of inspiration. When we participate in cleanups, he’s almost always recognized.

YAY! The chimney is here! is a phrase that is often heard. Everybody wants to meet him and see how he works, Kate said.

The dog is always picking things up and putting them in his mouth as he cleans. My mentor is a constant source of encouragement for me to grow and do my best to preserve the environment.

It’s easier with him around, Kate said.

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