This woman set up a camera to discover the source of the canine nighttime disruptions

A dog from the shelter joined the household. Well-adapted. The family has observed that the dog has been restless at night, causing them to be awakened.

A camera was set up to keep an eye on the animal. Then they discovered on camera that a total stranger had been making his home in the attic.

At first, Amelia’s family didn’t approve of her plan to adopt a dachshund from a rescue group, especially one that was 10 years old. Poor old dog. Animals of this kind often need extensive attention.

Amelia’s dog Poco finally settled in when the woman persisted. Good progress was made in the adaptation of animals. Poco quickly adapted and started acting like a typical dachshund in the home.

Each night, Poco would scratch at the door to the bedroom. Indeed, he broke inside the house and roused the proprietors.

Odd, thought Amelia. She took repeated midnight strolls all over the house, yet felt completely safe the whole time.

Then she wired the living room with a camera to record the registrar. As Poco’s worries lingered, she revisited the surveillance tape a week later.

When she looked up, the woman saw a shadow. From the back entrance, a guest rapidly ascended the stairs leading to the attic.

Right away, she called the police and waited. The woman watched as the cops dragged a man out of his house from a nearby window.

He was apparently on somebody’s wanted list. He lived in Amelia’s attic for a good number of weeks. The future is anyone’s guess without Poco. To express his gratitude to his master, the dog did this.

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