This poignant event occurred when two elephants who had been separated for 23 years were reunited after working together in a circus

The fact that animals have feelings at all blows our minds every time. It’s wonderful that they’ve kept in touch all these years and remember one other.

As an example of true love, consider this. Jolly and Abby ran into each other again after being apart for 23 years, and they knew one other right away.

The great separation between these two gentle giants didn’t affect their ability to identify one another. It would have been hard to view the sight of their reunion without becoming emotional.

They’ve kept their love alive for a long time, and it’s giving them all the feels now that they’re back together. Abby and Jolly have spent their whole lives working as circus performers for the benefit of their owners.

They’ve been apart for a very long period, but have now found one other in the Sanctuary.These two loyal pals took some time to look at and touch one other before they finally recognized each other.

After recalling her long-lost friend, Abby let out a joyful, excited noise.

It was heartwarming to see each other again. They deserve to live out their lives together in freedom and joy for as long as possible.

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