This mother was not willing to put her infant down on the dirty floor of her vacant house

Sarah Konk, a Chartered Therapeutic Recreation Specialist who is 28 years old. She provided emotional and practical support to a large number of young Haitian people.

Her whole existence was changed by one one incident. She took in a small child at the medical center where she works. a baby who is three months old. The baby’s hydrocephalus was so severe that it need immediate surgery.

Nickie was her name. Medical attention was provided by her aunt. As far as we know, the operation was a success.

Doctors found Nicky to be a pleasure to treat. She was on the mend and about to be released. But the aunt really was the mother. After dropping off her sick kid at the hospital, she mysteriously disappeared.

The kind workers at the hospital traced down her number. They had phoned to come get the kid, but she declined.

Sarah used the promise of financial aid to convince the mother to give up her daughter for adoption. Medical treatment for Nicky will never cost him anything.

After some time, Sarah went to see how the baby was doing. She tried calling her mom, but she never answered.

There was a moment when she really panicked. After realizing that this child needed her help, she hurriedly returned home.

Sarah could never forget what she saw. Once inside, she saw the kid sitting on the floor among the rubbish. In this case, Sarah was correct: the mother had abandoned the child.

As soon as she realized what was wrong, she hurried to get the baby to a doctor. No one could provide a definitive diagnosis as to what was wrong with her.

Nick and Sarah fought fiercely. I can’t believe how much the baby has grown. After waiting for six months, Sarah finally adopted Nicky. The girl relocated once she finished all of her papers. Happy and two years old.

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