This kind dog won’t let up until he’s located every turtle in need

This Toad recognizes the significance of each wild turtle and does all in his power to help them.

Toad is an integral part of a large sustainability team, using his olfactory sense to track out various species of turtles for the benefit of human colleagues who maintain records on indigenous populations.

«Turtles are vital to the natural world in many ways.» The statement was made by Jennifer Sirois. «It’s crucial that their populations continue to thrive.»

Researches have to check on the local turtle population to make sure everyone is doing OK.

It’s true that turtles in the wild may be hard to see with the naked eye, which is why the scientists in charge of the expedition chose to bring a dog along.

Siro explains that they specifically raised Toad to be a sustainability detecting dog.

They intend to expand their program by hiring additional animal caretakers and teachers, but this is contingent on receiving funding.

Until that time, Toad will work with his team to make the world a better place for turtles. That dog stoires that is constantly saving turtles may be found on the internet.

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