This is the tale of what occurs when a 34-year-old woman begins behaving like she’s 19

Naomi Jacobs, 34, went to bed on April 30, 2008, not expecting to wake up in an unfamiliar area.

The woman woke up certain that she was just 15 years old, having forgotten all that had transpired during her 15 years of slumber.

When Naomi opened her eyes that morning, she saw a terrifying sight: a place she had never seen before. Then a teenager walked in, claimed to be her son, and started playing the part, much to her horror.

She hastily entered the toilet, where she saw a woman of adult age staring back at her from the mirror.

Ruthless truth had Naomi reeling. A older woman with a slowly worsening life, she had once been an ambitious student with the world at her feet.

Mrs. Jacobs was taken to the hospital by her friends.A diagnosis of transistorized global amnesia was established following exhaustive testing.

Despite having Alzheimer’s, Naomi was still able to drive and remember things like credit card security numbers. Fifteen years of global history were forgotten in a single night.

We were relieved to see that it really solved the problem. Naomi’s acceptance of her condition took nine weeks of constant counseling and medical staff work.

Nevertheless, she kept going to bed every night and sleeping until she was well refreshed, all in the hopes that she would one day awaken back in her role as a student.

The existence of evil precludes that of good. Naomi Jacobs overcame insurmountable odds to write a book that became an immediate best seller and gave her a comfortable living.

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