This is the tale of a lost kitten who ended up with a big, loving family

A guy discovered an infant cat in his nursery only a few hours after it had been born. The man picked him up and carried him inside.

The guy stayed with the cat all night and fed it and cleaned up after it when it asked. Just as the guy said, the cat got up at the same same time every day and started meowing for food.

The guy who had spotted the kitten in need of assistance contacted the union to report the case.

The cat was taken away by a young woman. She reintroduced herself to him as Norris upon her return.

A little child eventually returns with three more stray cats in need of care. And Noriss was quite happy with his new family.

Leila sat near the kittens all the time, making sure they were comfortable.

After the kittens were old enough, they were let out of the play room and joined Leila indoors and on walks around the yard.

Currently, Noriss is living a happy life with his loved ones after a full recovery.

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