This is Chalky, the adorable cat that has gone viral on Instagram because to his adorable napping habits

The internet has fallen in love with a cat in Tokyo that sleeps in quite unusual ways. Having just been born, Chalky is a cute baby with a lot of potential.

The setback did not prevent him from honing his charm to perfection, however.

The cat, like many of his ancestors, has a special spot in his heart for napping on sofas. However, nobody would dare to wake him up, so gracefully does he fall asleep.

Chalky’s slumber is especially cute because of the weightlessness of his small legs.

A little cat’s face will light up in a broad grin if he or she is having fantastic cat dreams.

In these, he probably chases a never-ending ball of yarn in anticipation of having his stomach scratched. By the way, Chalky uses Instagram rather often.

Cat’s owner has a secret profile where he posts images of his pets.Any legitimate Instagram star worth their salt knows exactly which poses will get the most likes.

In other words, Chalky is well aware of it. Some kitties are just so adorable you could just cuddle them.

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